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Made My Date’s Top Tips for Singles just in time for Valentine’s Day:

With Christmas and New Year well over and done with, we’re now all in that limbo between Winter and Summer when we just can’t wait to start celebrating sunnier days! But for many Couples a highlight in this period is February 14th, where they have the chance to show their Love for one another on Valentine’s Day! 

If you’re Single however this day comes with a lot of mixed feelings! We’ve got some great tips for you if you’re Single and want to know how to make the most of Valentine’s Day! 

  1. Which tip you take from this Blog depends on your mindset and your priorities when it comes to your Love Life! Our biggest tip is to be open minded when it comes to LOVE! It really does come when you least expect it! 
  1. If you’re actively looking to meet someone, the build up to Valentine’s Day is the best time! Even though we all know and say that Valentine’s Day is more of a Commercial Affair, it does serve as an important reminder to reflect on our Love Life and analyse if we are happy. Do we want to pursue the hunt for Love? Is that a priority for us?

This is great, because if you’re prioritising Love over the Valentine’s period, so are SO MANY other Singles too! 

  1. Getting out there and enjoying this time of year is key! Too often we dwell on the results and don’t enjoy the journey! Now is the time to really have FUN with it – go to that Singles Event, let your best friend set you up on a blind date, let that work colleague know that you’ve got a crush on them or even go out with the girls on a Galentine’s adventure! Whatever you do, make sure it’s FUN!
  1. Remember to respect each other when it comes to accepting or rejecting any advances over the Valentine’s period. If you’ve been approached by someone that you are not romantically interested in, it’s important to be respectful when it comes to letting them know. Letting someone down gently speaks volumes for you and may even work in your favour in the future – if you change your mind about this person or leave things platonic, they may even introduce you to someone else in the future! 
  1. When you’re the one that has experienced rejection, remember that these things very rarely tend to be for personal reasons! It’s not a reflection on you. Either the person who has rejected you is not ready for Love, or they’re dating someone and haven’t let people know about it, or they don’t think there is any compatibility between the two of you. Either way you will be glad later on down the line that things didn’t work out as this paves the way for you to find someone right for you! I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, but the reason isn’t always clear to us at the moment. Trust in yourself that the right person will not be hesitant or confused about you, they will be open to getting to know you and will embrace everything that makes you You!
  1. If and when you want to go on a first date or a valentine’s day, try to look at it with an outside perspective. It can be very easy to get overly excited, to think about the wonderful future you will have with this person if things work out and the amazing Valentine’s date you’re about to have! However, it’s important to stay grounded! This is just the 1st date, a Valentine’s Day date is just another date. You really need to stay within the present, enjoy the moment and go with the flow; all with a firm grip on the fact that this date does not define you nor your Love Life. If it doesn’t go the way you had hoped it’s not the end of the world and if he/she didn’t shower you with flowers, chocolates and gifts it doesn’t mean that they don’t care about you or that there is no potential in this match! It’s all about understanding that each date is a stepping stone into the build up of a deep and meaningful relationship! 
  1. When you’re at a Singles Event remember to make the most of your time there! Talk to as many interesting people as you can, find out more about the person than their basic stats! Try to have fun, crack jokes and enjoy your time there. It’s all about letting your hair down and naturally attracting someone through your personality, your charisma, and your style. 
  1. We often put up a guard when we first meet someone and don’t let them in easily. Whilst this is good to protect yourself, don’t be afraid to be yourself and open up your heart to new connections! Valentine’s day is the best time for this if you are Single and Looking for Love! Preconceptions and negative thinking will only block you from any potential new Love! Embrace the corny Valentine’s features and offers and let yourself be open to Love! 

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