‘Armed & Ready’ Coaching For Dating Package

We’ve thought long and hard and have created the “Armed & Ready’ Coaching for Dating package just for you!

We want this year to be your year! If improving your dating game and learning the right tools to help you find ‘the one’ are part of your goals this year, then booking our ‘Armed & Ready’ package will help you do just that!

You will receive the tools you need to turn your dating life around for the better and get that all-important 1st date in before the end of the year!

We have teamed up with ‘In the Moment Studios’ to bring you the ultimate Coaching Service that is sure to get you on your way to finding ‘the one! 

The package includes:

 – 8 coaching sessions with a trained professional coach

– A photoshoot with 3 final edited dating profile photos with an expert photographer and

– A personalised online dating profile. 


You can order the ‘Armed & Ready’ Coaching Package below and book your first session with us via email.

Book ‘Armed & Ready’ Coaching Package Now

You can order the ‘Armed & Ready’ Coaching Package below and book your first session in with us via email.


Packages Terms & Conditions:

Terms & Conditions for the “Armed & Ready” Coaching for Dating Package:

* The package must be paid for in full and in advance of starting any coaching sessions or under-taking the photo shoot. 

* The package includes 8 coaching sessions to be conducted remotely via video call or telephone call. Each session must be booked in advance and agreed upon between the client and the coach. Failure to attend the agreed coaching session time/date will result in a lost session and cannot be made back up again. If you want to make changes to an agreed time/date this must be done in writing and a minimum of 24 hours before the pre-agreed date/time. 

* A counselling service is not provided as part of the coaching service. Should you require or request counselling, Made My Date are not able to offer this service. 

* All information about the package, the tools used and shared with the client remains confidential and should not be shared with any 3rd party outside of the coach and the client. 

Terms & Conditions for the Dating Profile Photoshoot:

The client must book their photoshoot with In the Moments Studios within 3 months of the Coaching Package purchase date. 

* In the Moments Studios will offer the client a 45 mins photoshoot in 1 location (to be agreed upon between ‘In the Moments Studios’ and the client).

* The final product will be 3 edited photos for the client to use with the online dating profile. 

* ‘In the Moments Studios’ will provide the final 3 edited photos once the client has selected which 3 to edit. This should be done within the timeframe of the 8 pre-paid coaching sessions and with the help of the client’s coach. 

* All photos will be sent to MMD firstly from ‘In the Moment Studios’. Made My Date will then give them to the client as part of the MMD Coaching Package. 

* Made My Date reserves the right to use the photos for any promotional material in the present or future across its website or social media platforms.