Sushi Making Kit

Looking for a unique, fun and delicious date night that you can have in the comfort of your own home? Order our ‘Sushi Making Date Night In’!

We provide you with a bespoke date kit that contains instructions on how to make your sushi, sushi-making equipment, non-perishable items; and there are 2 fun activities as well as lots of suggestions to make it a fun, romantic and enjoyable activity to enjoy together. Bespoke Dates are delivered right to your door!

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Each Sushi Making Kit is available at £50.00 GBP and must be paid for in full before dispatch of the Kit.


Delivery Information:

All UK orders will be posted by royal mail second class postal service. This bespoke date kit is only available to customers in the UK

Please Note:

This Sushi Making Kit is not suitable for anyone with nut allergies, that has any dairy or wheat allergies or any allergies in relation to the products described in the list above. Each individual item has it’s own storage instructions and use by / best before the date and this should be checked and followed as soon as the Sushi Making Kit is received. Contents of the Sushi Making Kit is subject to availability and suitable substitutes will be made where stocks are no longer available.