The BEST Movies for Valentine's Day

The All Time BEST Movies to Watch this Valentine’s Day!

This year we are all celebrating Valentine’s Day very differently than we would have any other year. The lockdown restrictions because of the pandemic have forced many of us to stay indoors!

It’s not all doom and gloom though as some of those Valentines Classic Dates are still enjoyable to this day! We love to cosy up with our special someone in front of the box and relaxing to our favourite, romantic movies and we are sure that you do too!

Here are our All Time BEST movies to watch this Valentine’s Day:

1.) Love Actually – an all time favourite and now classic for Valentine’s Day

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2.) Notting Hill – a classic but a goody and one that is sure to appeal to our british sense of humour

3.) 50 first dates – I mean come on guys, any move with Drew Barymore and Adam Sandler is a so hit! Need we say more!

4.) Crazy Rich Asians – this is sure to be a classic in the making. We love the poor girl falls in love with rich, handsome man storyline of this super romantic move!

5.) Dirty Dancing – again an all time classic and one that is sure to get any couple in the mood this Valentine’s Day. Why not pair it up with a follow up date of pottery together at home. Speak to us about our bespoke dates service and we can get you and your partner rein-acting that famous scene at home in no time!

6.) (500) Days of Summer – a lovely story of love with an unusual twist but nether the less a great watch for this Valentine’s Day

7.) Silver Linings – a great film, gritty, engaging, romantic! This film has it all and gives you that beautiful, happy ending too!

8.) Isn’t it romantic – if you like a good rom com, then this is the film for you both! Rebel Wilson is an absolute delight to watch!

9.) Why not turn your night into a movie marathon by settling in to watch the Bridget Jones’s Diary. Quintessentially British, funny, witty and romantic all in one! If you haven’t seen the series yet, all of the movies are well worth a watch!

10.) Finally one for anyone that has Amazon Prime, The Map of Tiny Perfect Things. A fun, interesting plot with romance running throughout.

We hope you enjoyed this selection of movies as the All Time BEST Movies for Valentine’s Day and we hope that you have an amazing celebration this year no matter what you are doing!

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