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The Best Chocolates to Gift to your Loved One

World Chocolate Day may have been and gone but the desire to gift your special someone is all year round and chocolates are always a hit no matter what the occasion is! Made My Date presents to you our tried and tested Best Chocolates to Gift to your Loved One for any occasion…..

  • Coco Chocolate Colombian 40% milk chocolate: For those that enjoy a rich, classic tasting chocolate with a bit of quirkiness. Choose from a humble bar to a gift set of truffles and whiskey, all exquisitely decorated with art from talented artists from around the world! Check out their website to read more details on each commissioned artist and to browse through their extensive range of gift box chocolates perfect as a sweet treat for your sweetheart! 

  • If you and your date enjoy a bit of flavour, the Sea Salt Caramel 55% sweet chocolate from Diana’s Chocolates is a delight to try. A humble little London based brand with good quality hand made chocolates in a variety of delicious flavours. This is a fairly new brand run by Diana herself and all of the chocolates are handmade locally in London, so this is a great option if you want to support a small local business too!

  • For Vegan lovers, Made My Date recommends Hip Oat Milk Chocolate. If you both have the desire to eat good quality, creamy vegan chocolate this is the brand for you both. You’ve heard of cookies and cream, well why not try cookies and no cream! Who ever thought that a plant-based chocolate could taste so good! 

  • If you fancy a little tipple and a lovely little sweet treat, we recommend Stach Chocolate. They have a wide range of flavours but our favourite is the White Gin Tonic Lime flavour. Stach is a Dutch brand that is all about fresh, nice and healthy food and they offer a huge range of products that are designed to be healthy without compromising on taste. Their chocolates may not be the healthiest of products within their extensive range but they sure are one of the most delicious. You can order online or find them in many independent stores around London. 

  • XO Chocolates: We highly recommend their 12 piece selection box of hand-painted bonbons in unique, artisan flavours as the perfect gift to wow and impress your love. This is the perfect gift for your loved one who can appreciate the finer things in life and have a taste for rich, indulgent flavours. XO chocolate pride themselves on their artisan offer, hand crafting all their products at their chocolaterie, retaining full control over all of their processes along the way. They are by far the most beautiful box of hand-painted chocolates you will find! 

  • Prestat Chocolates: We highly recommend their heart shaped gift box of milk chocolate truffles marc de champagne as the ultimate gesture of Love for your Special Someone. Prestat Chocolates are steeped in history and tradition as well as innovation and individuality. They offer an extensive range of gourmet chocolate gift boxes that are available online and right on your doorstep in the famous South Molton Street, London. Prestat chocolate is said to be the inspiration behind the film ‘Charlie and the Chocolate factory’ and the founder, Antoine Dufour, was the inventor of the chocolate truffle. We highly recommend the heart shaped gift box of chocolates as a sweet gesture for your loved one on any occasion. It will leave you both in aure of the mouth-watering flavours on offer. 

Looking to gift your special someone but strapped for time or need something a bit more personalised? Get in touch on and find out about our Bespoke Dates Service. We can create the perfect date night or the perfect gift for your loved one for any occasion.

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