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Made My Date’s Top 10 Scary Movies to watch together as a Couple

We all love a good Scary Movie right? Especially when it could lead to consoling your freaked out partner at the end! 

If you are not in the mood for the full on Halloween party scene, what better way to celebrate Halloween then to cosy up on the Sofa with your favourite person and watch Scary Movies together! Here are Made My Date’s Top 10 Scary Movie recommendations for you all……

  1. “IT” – The No. 1 most scary movie of recent times is the 2017 version of “IT”. If you and your partner like to be scared, hate clowns, like to be jumpy and frilled and then console each other afterwards this is the movie for you both! But be warned, you might not be able to sleep at night after too!
  1. “Psycho Goreman” – A great choice for those that love blood, gore, aliens and overlords. A more light-hearted choice as a horror/comedy that’s a great choice for you and your partner to giggle on the sofa together!
  1. Nightmare on Elm Street – A Classic and perfect for those that enjoy old horror movies!
  1. MY HEART CAN’T BEAT UNLESS YOU TELL IT TO” – a great storyline with family loyalty, plot twists and suspense running all the way through it. A great one for you and your loved one to try and solve together whilst being shaken to the core!
  1. The Annabelle Collection – if you and your partner enjoy being scared to the core together this collection of movies is the one! A great way to have a horror movie marathon together too! Just don’t leave any dolls lying around, lol. 
  1. “Friday 13th” – Perfect if you’re a Jason fan! A modern classic that is sure to make you both jump and scream, leaving you feeling like you’ve both survived an experience together and come out stronger!
  1. The Exorcist” – Is it a cult classic or do you prefer one of the remakes? This is by far one of the scariest movies of our lifetime and a great one to watch together, after all there’s safety in numbers right?
  1. Edward ScissorHands – Another classic for our generation and one that actually has a love story within it! A Horror/Comedy/Romcom all in 1 movie!
  1. Out this year, “A Quiet Place: Part II” – the much-awaited sequel to the first movie does not disappoint and has actually been watched more times than the original too! Get back to where you left off and this time with your one special person right by your side arm in arm cosying up on the sofa!

10. “The Ring” from 2002 – Do you remember when this movie first came out? It was the first of it’s kind and has paved the way for many more of it’s kind. Why not refresh yourself and your loved one this Halloween together!

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