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The underrated benefits of coaching: Coaching for Dating and how it can change your whole perspective on the dating game

We often reach out to our friends and family when it comes to finding a suitable life partner but very rarely consider seeking professional help with our Love Life. Our ‘Coaching for Dating’ service can change this, we offer a professional coaching service that improves your Love Life and gets you the results you want!

Here are 8 facts about ‘Coaching for Dating’ that explain why and how it will benefit you and your Love Life:

  1. Coaching is not just for your career or your business. Personal Development coaching is a key part of personal growth and this extends to all parts of life:
  • Generally Lifestyle Coaching is on the rise however where we are willing to invest in our career goals, or personal development, or even mental health; our Love Life is one area that many of us tend not to invest in however it can be a great source of happiness once we do. 
  1. Learning the different types of dating in the modern world is the best way to understand what works best for you:
  • Let’s face it, dating has drastically changed in the last 10 years let alone longer than that, and it can be a real minefield! Learning about the latest trends in dating can help you to not only understand your options but also to identify your dating style. Sometimes we avoid the unknown such as online dating and other times we force ourselves into situations (such as blind dates) that we are just not comfortable with and ultimately we don’t get the best out of. Coaching for Dating explains all the different dating styles and allows you to identify which is best suited to you through your personality type as well as through practise itself. 
  1. We often don’t realise how the key to dating successfully starts with ourselves:
  • Many times when one does invest in Coaching for Dating, other areas of our life can affect our Love Life and we do not even realise it. Stress at work or home can affect how we communicate with others and our general mood, they can also affect our self-esteem and how we look after ourselves. Coaching for Dating helps to identify these ‘blocks’ and provides you with the right tools to tackle them head on in and after the Coaching sessions. 
  1. Don’t underestimate the power of self belief:
  • A key part of the Coaching for Dating is work around how you see yourself and how you project yourself to others. Dating is all about showing the real, authentic, somewhat vulnerable self to another in the hopes that you will both embrace each other whole-heartedly and allow Love to blossom. Often then not the Coaching Sessions work on an element of self-love in order for you to present yourself to suitors in the way you want. 
  1. Confidence really is key:
  • A clique we know, but confidence is one of the most attractive qualities in a suitable future partner. It doesn’t matter your age, build, occupation, personality; if you have confidence in yourself the other person will know and will automatically be drawn to you. As part of the Coaching for Dating sessions, we tailor each program to each client’s individual needs and have effective tools to improve your confidence in dating, that ultimately improves your confidence in the rest of your life also.
  1. It’s so important to make a good first impression! No, making a lasting first impression is far more beneficial!:
  • There is a lot of emphasis on making a good first impression in dating, however we believe that it’s much better to make a good, lasting impression. We provide you with tools and techniques that make you stand out whether that’s on an online dating profile or that all important first date.
  1. The importance of genuinity:
  • Whilst we do think it’s important to make a good, lasting impression on your date we also strongly believe that being your true self is key to connecting with someone. We explore your perception of yourself and challenge it for the better, to give you the confidence you may need, to highlight key points about your personality, your achievements and your passions that all make you unique and desirable in dating. 
  1. Putting yourself out there and the hidden benefits of dating:
  • Part of the Coaching for Dating sessions, focus on taking that important step in putting yourself out there for dating. After building up your confidence and giving you the tools to master your communication skills, present your existing attributes in their best light and learning how to positively deal with misalignments; we also explore and challenge your mindset when it comes to dating and highlight the hidden benefits of this change that will have a positive impact on the rest of your life also. 

If you enjoyed reading this article and would like to know more about our Coaching for Dating service, get in touch via email on

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