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How to take your loved one on a Romantic Getaway on a Budget

We all love a good break from it all and especially when we get to go away with the most special person in our world, but with the uncertainty of the last 18 months it’s no wonder that this can be a tug too far on the tighten purse strings!

Made My Date have compiled a list of holiday destinations that are perfect for couples, super romantic and won’t break the bank! 

1.) Cotswold: One of the most beautiful, picturesque and romantic parts of the entire UK, the Cotswold is a perfect choice for a romantic getaway without having to get onto a plane! 

The best way to avoid the crowds and keep the experience on a budget is to drive up and stay in a B&B in the outskirts of the area, such as South Worcestershire or Warwickshire. You can avoid the inflated prices and you have the luxury to explore more than one of the amazing spots during your stay! This is a great getaway location for those couples that enjoy long walks and nature together. Some of the must-see sights are the Lavender Fields and the many quaint little villages with their stone wall cottages and meandering bridges.

2.) Croatia: Now you might think going abroad is way out of your budget but with Staycation prices at a record high, it’s actually cheaper to go abroad at the moment and with Croatia being on the Green list you don’t need to worry about the added costs of Covid related testing either!

The best way to keep costs low is to stay in a nearby village to the main coastal towns of Split or Dubrovnik such as Cavtat, Omis or Trogir. You can get a reasonably priced B&B in one of the hilltop villages along the coast and you can still get a ferry over to the bigger cities for a romantic day trip until the early hours of the day. Croatia is beautiful and any of the coastal villages are picturesque in the day and romantically lit in the night so it’s the perfect holiday destination for couples looking to get away!

3.) Canterbury, Kent: Canterbury is one of these cities that is always overlooked but has so much to offer especially to couples looking for a weekend away without having to get on a plane!

This is a great destination for a romantic weekend away for couples that are interested in history, theatre, arts and beautiful scenery as it boasts breath-taking beautiful cathedrals, multiple theatres and historic tours throughout the city. Canterbury also has punting which is a great, fun activity to do together as a couple as well as a unique way to take in the scenery. Why not make your trip extra special by booking tickets to one of the outdoor performances of Shakespeare’s Classics or even plan your trip around the Canterbury Shakespeare Festival!

4.) Malta: Malta is also on the Green list for travel from the UK, which is a great way to avoid those additional testing costs for all other destinations. Although Malta is fairly small, there is plenty to see and experience as a couple in this beautiful and underrated country.

A perfect holiday destination for couples that love an adventure although be careful when you are planing your trip as the day excursions and water sports do soon add up! Even if you stick to just one of the islands, there is still plenty to do and see. A great day out is to go wandering through the town centre in the morning, followed by a light and late lunch in one of the nearby local cafes rather than a well known restaurant and then make your way to the beach which will be much quieter by the late afternoon. 

5.) Scotland: There is something rather magical about Scotland and most of all the area Lock Lomond which is extremely popular to visit in the summer months. However if you wait until the end of September you can still visit this picturesque, romantic part of Scotland at a much more reasonable rate!

There are a number of affordable B&Bs approximately 1 hour from the Lock Lomond National Park which boasts 22 locks in total. Think beautiful countryside, rolling hills, the locks and even open air swimming to take your fancy if you dare to bear the slightly more chilly weather. A even more romantic alternative to the numerous B&Bs is to turn your visit into a Camping Trip featuring a open log fire, roasting marshmallows and sipping on some locally brewed Scottish Whiskey and ending the evening cosying up in a blanket watching the stars and the moonlight dancing on the waters!

If you enjoyed reading this blog about Romantic Getaways on a Budget, and you would like to book any of these trips we can arrange this for you and your loved one via our Bespoke Dates Service.

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